Status Report: Tor Internship

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I've now made it almost 3 weeks into my Outreachy internship as the Tor Documentation Maintainer and thus far it has been a fantastic experience. The Tor team has been incredibly warm and welcoming, and it's made settling into my new 9-5 a much smoother process. I look forward to getting to work more closely with everyone in the coming months. :]

Reflecting on the amount of writing I've completed since the initial application phase is crazy, and gives me immense pride to review the commitment it took. It's also been interesting to observe the indirect impact the pages have had in discussions around the internet - it's been a reminder of the importance in ensuring accuracy and security when providing users with information they will trust wholeheartedly. It's certainly not a responsibility I take lightly. [As Spiderman and sudo say, "with great power..."]

Anyways, on to the work:

In the past few weeks I've finished a lot of the larger outstanding document rewrites and additions; the largest of these being the GnuPG guide, the Insant Messaging page, the HexChat, WeeChat & Irssi guides, among others. As of now I have written and published a grand total of 17 complete documents, and committed over 65 revisions to the wiki.

I've also committed revisions needed from the outstanding tickets relevant to the Tor Browser manual; thus far mostly updating out-of-date screenshots and adjusting the plugins page, though I imagine there will be more tickets before my internship is over.

As always a changelog of my work can be found right here, as well as newly added mirrored copies of all the written documents.

That's all I've got for now. Have a great week!

Server updates:

  • Tor exit increased from 4TB/mo to 9TB/mo
  • Hakr.GG link shortener opened
  • Probably some other stuff I forgot