Enigma Testnet Documentation Completed

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It's been a couple weeks since I began collaborating with Enigma to write the v0.1 documentation for the protocol; as of this today, the final draft is now completed and merged to the official repository. The docs cover everything from basic / technical introductions right down to deploying your very first secret contracts and creating a React front-end to tie up a complete template dApp. If you have some time and a fascination of privacy technology or decentralised networks, you'll enjoy giving them a run-through (and don't forget to give me some feeback if you do!).

With the initial mainnet release rapidly approaching there will be a lot more writing to do in the near future. Here's hoping it comes together as well as the first round - we're already off to a fantastic start!

But wait, what's Enigma?

The Enigma Protocol is a permissionless peer-to-peer network that enables the deployment of scalable and secure decentralized applications (commonly referred to as ‘dApps’) through the use of secret contracts. The Enigma Docker Network is the first release of the protocol - it operates entirely in a containerized environment and features a complete minimal test network (testnet).

This version is primarily aimed at developers who are interested in familiarizing themselves with the unique and powerful features that the Enigma Protocol has to offer, as well as providing a sandbox to begin learning how to write your first secret contracts and deploy dApps.