General Features

This service performs some mediocre security shit, like:

  • TLS/SSL support, facilitates E2E encryption
  • Referrer anonymising (blanked)
  • Minimised data collection
  • No ads or other trackers
More will [[[hopefully]]] be added in time. If you have suggestions, fire away.


Notice: Tor Browser Bundle will block the bookmarklets with the security slider set to 'safest'. This is simply because they are written in JavaScript.

Hakr.GG has preconfigured, fully open-source JS bookmarklets [thanks to Ozh] that enable easy on-the-fly shortening and sharing.

  • The Standard Bookmarklets will take you to a page where you can easily edit or delete your brand new short URL.
  • The Instant Bookmarklets will pop the short URL without leaving the page you are viewing.
  • The Simple Bookmarklets will generate a short URL with a random keyword. (Currently 3 characters)
  • The Custom Keyword Bookmarklets will prompt you for a custom keyword first.

If you want to share a description along with the link you're shortening, simply select text on the page you're viewing before clicking on your bookmarklet link.

Social Bookmarklets

Create a short URL and share it on social networks in a single click. Click and drag links to your toolbar [or right-click and bookmark it]

Shorten and share:

Hakr & Facebook Hakr & Twitter Hakr & Tumblr


When viewing a page, you can also prefix its full URL: just head to your browser's address bar, add "" to the beginning of the current URL [right before its 'http://' part] and hit enter.

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